A Cosmological Crisis? A Review of Nasser Zakarayia, The Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings

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Ken Baskin

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Ken Baskin

Ken Baskin is an independent writer and lecturer who has spent the last two decades reexamining familiar phenomena in terms of the worldview expressed in Complexity Science. He is currently working on a book that reinterprets religion epistemologically, as one of the key ways human groups come to understand and adapt to the existential challenges they face. His books include Corporate DNA (Routledge, 2012), an examination of organizations conceived as organisms rather than mechanisms, and The Axial Ages of World History (2014), a comparison of the Axial Age and Modernity, co-authored with Moscow anthropologist, Dmitri Bondarenko. Ken earned his PhD in English Literature from the University of Maryland in 1977 and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA, with his wife Martha and their feline housemate, Boris Kilmouski.