Religion in Big History A Neurobiological and Psychological Theory



The most elegant and complex matter ever identified in our universe may well be the human brain, with its evolved ability to process and interpret not only our physical situation, but our existential one. For all humans ask: What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? And all humans conjecture: Surely there is something more. Although in the context of Big History we can identify elements of religion practiced as far in the past as by the stromatolites, and as recently as by our fellow primates, only humans possess the consciousness to seek definitive answers to those existential questions concerning our God or gods. In an increasingly globalized and secularized culture, is there a future for religion? Is there a place for any deity, for religion? Yes. Dramatically imagined, lovingly inclusive of all, with a shedding of institutional dogma and doctrine, cosmic religion can be found in each of us; the personal path to God or our gods lies in our evolved brains and mysterious minds.


Student Research