The Star-Galaxy Era in Terms of Big History and Universal Evolution

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Leonid E. Grinin
Anton L. Grinin


The present article attempts at combining Big History potential with the po-tential of Evolutionary Studies. It does not only analyze the history of the Cosmos. It studies similarities between evolutionary laws, principles, and mechanisms at various levels and phases of Big History. Such an approach opens up some new perspectives for our understanding of evolution and Big History, their driving forces, vectors, and trends; it creates a consolidated field for interdisciplinary research. Of special importance is the point that many principles, patterns, regularities, and rules of evolution, which we tend to find relevant only for the biological and social levels of evolution, may be also applied to the cosmic phase of evolution. This is not so surprising, since the formation, life-cycle and renewal of stars, galaxies, as well as other celestial bodies is the longest evolutionary process that took place in the Universe.

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Leonid E. Grinin, Eurasian Center for Big History & System Forecasting, Oriental Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

Leonid E. Grinin is a Russian philosopher, sociologist, evolutionist, economist, and a scholar of historical trends and future studies. He is Ph.D., author of more than 550 publications (in  English,  Russian, Spanish, Chinese and German) including more than 30 monographs. He is a Senior Research Professor at the Laboratory for Destabilization Risk Monitoring at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, a Deputy Director of the Eurasian Center for Big History & System Forecasting (Russian Academy of Sciences). Leonid E. Grinin has been engaged in Big History since 2007. He has three monographs as well as a number of articles on this subject. He is a co-editor (together with Barry Rodrigue and Andrey Korotayev of 3 Vol. Anthology From Big Bang to Galactic Civilizations. A Big History Anthology. Primus Books (2015–2017).

Anton L. Grinin, International Center for Education and Social and Humanitarian Studies

Anton L. Grinin, PhD in Biological Sciences, is Senior Research Fellow for International Center for Education and Social and Humanitarian Studies. His main research interests include Big History, global technological transformations and forecasts. He is the co-author of the monograph The “Cybernetic Revolution and the Forthcoming Epoch of Self-Regulating Systems” and a number of articles in English and Russian.