BH678: Big History in the Italian Middle Schools A Manifesto against the Fragmentation of Knowledge



With the Big History Italia BH678 Project I have introduced the Big History approach in the Italian middle schools, proposing an interpretation of the history of the universe as a way of creating a complex fusion among the sciences and a symbolic path for personal and spiritual growth. Starting from a deep love for complexity, I have written a novel, Storia interiore dell’Universo (now in print for the Italian market), that brings Big History into a poetic and psychedelic landscape. If you want to know the universe, probably, sometimes your body, your brain, your matter are enough; but if you desire to learn from the universe and you work in education, you should consider the whole Homo sapiens, as I believe our species learns only through feeling. Each Big History threshold is an opportunity to feel the echo of some keywords that contribute to developing our Inner Big History, taking off from apparently outer island-moments scattered across spacetime.