An Approach to Categorize Big History Papers


David LePoire


There is a growing literature on Big History after four years of the Journal of Big History (JBH) and ten years of the Evolution Almanac series. A study was done to 1) construct a reference database of these papers, which includes abstracts and many web links; 2) propose a framework to categorize these papers so that they can be filtered and searched; and 3) analyze the paper categorization to determine the statistics of frequency and topic combinations.


Author Biography

David LePoire, Argonne National Laboratory

David LePoire researches, develops and applies science principles in environmental issues, Big History evolutionary trends, and particle scattering. He has a BS in physics from CalTech, a Ph.D. in computer science from DePaul University, and over thirty years experience at the Argonne National Laboratory in the development of scientific analyses, software, training, and modelling. His research includes Big History synergistic trends among energy, environment, organization, and information.