A Big History of One’s Own


Sun Yue


I know only what I know. What I know is limited, usually from that limited life experience that I have had, i.e., with the near at hand as anchor. I love those who gave me life and provide me with life’s necessities, especially those with a natural inkling of attachment. I wish to see the due wish of each and every one of us humans be granted and satisfied. I like to see the world flourish on the order of its participants roaming freely as well as following rules and keeping promises. If I wish to know and experience further, to the point of knowing the whole, I have to rely on the effort and fruit of others, every one of them. And even so, what I finally fathom and get is something of my own. It’s an exploration of my own self in a larger world after all.


Author Biography

Sun Yue, Global History Center, Capital Normal University, People’s Republic of China

Sun Yue mainly teaches Chinese-English translation
at the English Education Department, College of Foreign
Languages, Capital Normal University. He got his PhD at
the School of History of the same university, for researching
on the early modern European witch-hunting, especially
the impact of the Malleus Maleficarum on the witchhunting
movement. Being an efficient translator himself,
Sun enjoys the integrative nature of Big History and is keen
on inserting an elemental Love into it.