Epidemic Cholera and Reform in the 19th Century Crisis Management and Linkages to Big History


Seohyung Kim


We tend to think of Big History in a ‘big way’ – the cosmos, billions of years, trillions of kilometres … but this isn’t the whole picture. Biologist Lynn Margulis produced a book about small-scale life, Microcosmos (1986), which led her to collaborate with chemist James Lovelock on Earth dynamics. In this way, molecular biologist Elizabeth Martin-Kutter also worked with microbial life and helped develop one of early courses and texts in Cosmic Evolution and Big History with astrophysicist G. Siegfried Kutter.


Author Biography

Seohyung Kim, Research Professor (Former) Ewha Womans University

Seohyung Kim, PhD, is a historian who studies infectious disease and medicine, as well as Big History. She was the first Korean professor to teach Big History – at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul. She structured her course as a convergence between the natural sciences and humanities. She also introduced the Big History Project into Korean high schools with world historian Ji-Hyung Cho. Seohyung has widely disseminated big-history knowledge to Korean scholars, teachers and students via public lectures for universities and government agencies, as well as in newspaper columns, on TV and for radio. In addition, she was a member of the Committee of 20 Big History Books, released in Korean by Y School Publishers, for which she wrote Big History for the Primary Student and Six Vaccines that Changed World History, among other titles. She also translated David Christian’s This Fleeting World (2008) and Origin Story (2018) into Korean, as well as Alfred Crosby’s America’s Forgotten Pandemic (2003). Seohyung may be reached at <flander77@gmail.com>.