The symbol for the Fifth IBHA Conference, Changing the World, provides the cover artwork for this issue. The logo embodies the four-fold aspects of Big History – Cosmos, Earth, Life, Humanity – represented by the moon and sky, tree and leaves, trail tracks, and ground. all in a kind of yin / yang representation of nature / harmony. In the grooves of the tree bark are the Japanese kanji for yasumu. Yasumu means rest, and joy. It is an ancient and complex imagery, being made up of 人 hito - humans and 木 ki - tree. The combined kanji symbols for people show they are supporting each other beneath a tree. It reminds us that to change the world, we must acknowledge that change comes from engagement, mutualization and symbiosis with each other and with nature, around the world and in the multiverse. Appreciation to Yoshihiro Takishita of Kamakura, Japan for the concept and ideas and to our artist, Ishikha Jain, of the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Pune, Maharashtra, India. —Barry Rodrigue


Published: 2023-10-09